Nine Simple Rules for Search Engine Optimization

Nine Rules to write a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Friendly Article

Search Engine Optimization is used to rank your website on Google based on the number of visits, Google ranks your website high on the Search Engine if the Website can attract visitors. Google first made its mark by introducing the Stanford community to PageRank (an algorithm developed by Google co-founder Larry Page). This algorithm counted hyperlinks as votes for popularity. The pages that had the most links pointing at them were considered the most popular. Although this algorithm is much more complex today, it still likely includes the notion of external links as votes.  A number of factors determine how many votes your website can collect for Google Ranking which we shall be listing in this article. This include having a Focus Keyword, friendly URL, internal and external links, images and meta description

Steps to create Search Engine Optimization friendly page:-

Focus Keyword:

  1. Decide a Focus keyword. In this case Focus key word is Search Engine Optimization. 
  2. Make sure Focus key word appear in tittle. It is specially relevant to have a content to the tittle.
  3. The focus keyword appears in the first paragraph of the Article. As a result of having the focus keyword in the first paragraph the reader identifies with the tittle.
  4. The focus keyword appears in subheadings in the Article. While not a major ranking factor, this is beneficial.
  5. In addition the focus keyword should  in the URL of the page.

Links on the Article

External Link

6. Make sure there is an external link in the Article.  Additionally there should be relevancy of the content between the source page and the target page.

Internal Link

7. Internal links are good to have but not mandatory. Internal links point to links within a website. Therefore having an internal link on the article is an additional factor to be considered.

Meta Description

8. Write a Meta description such that it contains the Focus Keyword. Since the meta description helps to showcase a window of the content, it helps to include the keyword in the description.


9. In conclusion, select and insert an image in the Article with an “alt” value containing the focus keyword. Almost all the articles must have at least one image. This helps not only to provide readability but also helps in engagement.

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Nine Simple Rules for Search Engine Optimization