Project Smile


Written and Directed by

Gauri Gupta

About the Organizer

Project SMILE (formerly Lisha Project SMILE), a Singapore-based Charity, was founded in 2010 by a group of like-minded women with a vision and desire to help underprivileged women.

Project SMILE is proud to present "Mindless Whispers" an English play dealing with a significant and widely spread social problem.

This is the inaugural event as a part of our outreach to create awareness on issues of mental health in the Community.  This curtain raiser event will be followed in future by panel discussions & community events.

About Mindless Whispers

 Sue, Pathma, Deepali and Suzie - Four Unconnected Women brought together by impending personal disorder. Until One young girl forces them to break out of the web of Pretence and Self Deceit.


Event Location

PGP Hall 397 Serangoon Rd Singapore 218123


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