Digital Marketing: Best Days and Times

Digital Marketing: The Best Days and Times to Post on Five Major Social Networks

For Digital Marketing on Social Meida, the most effective days and times for brands to post on social media vary significantly by network, according to recent data from TrackMaven.

Its report was based an analysis of 17.5 million social media posts made by 17,737 brands on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Brand posts made to Instagram garner the most engagement (likes, comments, etc.) at 7 PM EST, on average, and on Fridays, the analysis found.

Brands’ Pinterest pins also perform best on Fridays, though they register the highest engagement levels around 1 AM EST.

In contrast, brand LinkedIn posts perform best at 9 AM EST and on Wednesdays. Brands’ Twitter posts and Facebook posts both garner the most engagement on Thursdays.

The overall best times of day and days of the week to post on social media are:

  • Twitter: 5 p.m. EST, Thursday
  • Facebook: 8 p.m. EST, Thursday
  • LinkedIn: 9 a.m. EST, Wednesday
  • Instagram: 7 p.m. EST, Friday
  • Pinterest: 1 a.m. EST, Friday

The findings by Marven highlight just how necessary it is for businesses to develop a channel-specific social media strategy for distributing their content.  Even within specific industries it is required to be mindful of the post reach and engagement.

The idea is to optimize the engament and work around a strategy for Digital Marketing. Additionally one specific B2B Media might be good at B2B Marketing while another one may be perfect for B2C. It has been observed that Linked in is prefered media for B2B Marketing while Facebook and Twitter are preferred as B2C Marketing. However there can be variations based on the product and geography. In certain geographys Facebook and Twitter may still be preferred in B2B or B2C Space.


Digital Marketing: Best Days and Times