CCTV Protocol

CCTVs have become all pervasive, for good, bad or the ugly, it is here to stay. These networks provide the live & video footages generally of public places, as our personal pictures & videos. The huge demand & so small to big projects are developing as a jungle growth, not able to provide the cumulative value out of the investment & also the complete value to the individual. If internet did not standard protocols & it’s upgrades not happening with the changing environment, would it have been of this value? The value lies in standards & its uniformity with a capability to control & direct.

Unfortunately, neither has this been created in that manner nor it is moving in that direction city after city in this country. The result of our technical, functional and operational efficiency is out in the open in the form of unsatisfactory results in most of the cases. A CCTV Protocol is the need of the hours, otherwise we will have be satisfied with substandard results of such an effective multipurpose tool.

CCTV Protocol

The detailing of requirements to the minutest will lead to finding the most appropriate technical solution. The technical specifications of variety of cameras, infrared requirements, positioning, the coverage, safety of the cameras, maintenance are few of the areas. The protocol is the true synthesis of requirements / technology/ operations & utility. So with the bandwidth sizing, network topology, networking infrastructure moving onto to storage, video command center & analytics.

Cyber Security of this System cannot be left to our destiny, it has to be inbuilt. Present day systems, are integrated systems, the technical interface detailing has to happen. Technical crevices can happen. The whole CCTV apparatus is unregulated. It nobody’s baby, but every needs the technology’s child. The earlier we adopt this technology’s prodigy, the better we will be. National CCTV Protocol is the first small step in the direction. A Blueprint can make a difference.


By Sanjay Sahay

He belongs to the 1989 batch of the IPS, borne on Karnataka cadre. Accomplished high degree of professionalism in wide and varied professional assignments.  

He finally got groomed and refined into an officer who has 360 degrees experience of all policing tasks, simultaneously maintaining keen interest in all staff functions and a passion for usage of appropriate technology in policing at all levels and in all fields. Know More        

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CCTV Protocol